Dr Matthew Roberts

Psychiatrist MBBS, MP, FRANZCP

Dr Matthew Roberts is a psychiatrist psychotherapist in private practice in Heidelberg. He welcomes any email inquiries and is happy to help clarify whether his practice fits with what you are looking for.

Matthew trained as a perinatal psychiatrist, a medical specialist in mental health of pregnancy and early family life. In addition he is a Fatherhood Clinician, a role he has developed to promote healthy fatherhood in all its stages. He is known for a capacity to engage and work collaboratively with patients and families, support team-based care with colleagues, and adapt his therapeutic approach to the clinical situation.

Beyond his clinical work Matthew developed a role as a Clinical Science Communicator, writing and speaking on perinatal, family and general mental health matters. This work has included journal publications, conferences, seminars and media engagements. He also writes a blog www.mydoctorshandwriting.com which has attracted international praise on social media and republication by other media outlets.

UK-born but raised in regional Victoria, Matthew trained in medicine and psychiatry locally, through the University of Melbourne and affiliated hospitals around Melbourne and nearby regions. His advanced training and early career consulting in perinatal psychiatry included work at Austin Health Parent-Infant Unit, Mercy Hospital for Women Perinatal Mental Health Team, The Royal Women’s Hospital Centre for Women’s Mental Health and Albert Road Clinic Parent Infant Unit. From 2009-2019 Matthew was the inaugural consultant perinatal psychiatrist at Mercy Health’s O’Connell Family Centre, one of Victoria’s three specialised public early parenting centres.

As for many of his peers, Matthew seeks to bridge traditional psychodynamically-oriented therapy with more recent and holistic neuroscience-driven approaches through extensive practice, peer review, CPD and supervision. In all his roles he finds helpful the wisdom and science of Attachment Theory with its connections to psychoanalysis and developmental psychology, and its fascinating evolutionary underpinnings.

That said, Matthew believes some of his most important continuing professional development comes from outside the healthcare world, where he is a passionate local community member, music devotee, Western Bulldogs supporter and (most importantly) father of three.


Dr Matthew Roberts