Covid Vaccine Clinics

Vaccine clinics are due to commence early April.

Our plan is to send out SMS or letter to all persons in the in below age brackets, inviting patient to attend our covid vaccine clinic.

As we have many people to vaccinate, please be patience during this time.

Following the health dept advice see the COVID-19 national roll-out strategy below.

We want to vaccinate our most vulnerable first: So we will begin as per the age brackets below.

  • over 85 yrs.
  • 80-84 yrs.
  • 70–79 yrs.
  • People with serious medical conditions.

If you are new to our clinic, we ask that you bring photo ID and a health summary from your usual clinic so we can assess your eligibility.

If you wish to know of other GP clinics that are providing the covid vaccine got to

To check your eligibility got to the

For general information re covid program got to

Many Thanks