Jill Griffiths

Lymphoedema Therapist, CPT.MLDI, MLDII, MLDIII (USA) CPT(AUST)

Jill is a Lymphoedema Practitioner, using manual lymphatic drainage to treat a broad range of inflammatory soft tissue conditions. These include acute and chronic oedema (swelling) and pain, post injury and post-surgical rehabilitation, including removal of lymph nodes, varicosity and chronic infections.
Jill is European trained and has many years of experience as a practitioner, researcher, lecturer and writer.

Health professionals
Direct referrals from Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, Vascular Specialists, Oncologists, Orthopaedic Specialists, Podiatrists and General Practitioners are accepted.
Jill is happy to discuss your patients individual treatment plans, including Lymphoedema treatments.
For further information: please feel free to telephone 0411 184 044
Referrals – fax number 03 9459 0300

Patient information
Jill consults at Mount Street Medical Centre on  Wednesday.
She also has rooms and consults from Level 5, 220 Collins Street, Melbourne
To arrange an appointment, please telephone 0411 184 044